Claimants 'tricked' out of benefits, says Jobcentre whistleblower

A Jobcentre Plus whistleblower has revealed to the Guardian how pressure to cut costs is leading to vulnerable claimants being 'set up' so their benefits get...

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The minimum wage rise was welcome but the messaging was wrong, and it matters

When George Osborne announced his new minimum wage rate of £7.20 it seemed a glimmer of hope amidst a challenging budget. The cuts to tax credits could leave many low-paid workers actually worse off, but at least employers are being … Continue reading

MPs launch inquiry into the holes in our benefits safety net

Great news! We learned this week that MPs are to explore many of the concerns we’ve been raising about the holes that have been created in our benefits safety net. The Work and Pensions Committee – a cross-party group of MPs … Continue reading

Who pays the price?

What would an economy truly built on solidarity look like? What do low paid workers in Britain and Greece have in common? On the surface, not a great deal. Whatever our thoughts as on-lookers to the latest episode of the … Continue reading

A challenge to journalists

Our Poverty Media Coordinator Jackie Cox welcomes new guidance for journalists reporting on poverty issues. ‘From Cathy Come Home to Benefits Street‘ – that was the title that caught my eye as I flicked through the National Union of Journalists’ … Continue reading

Budget 2015: Giving with one hand, taking with the other

What does today’s Budget mean for those on low incomes?  £12 billion in benefit cuts will cause real hardship Further cuts to tax credits and other benefits will cause real hardship for thousands of people. These are the very people … Continue reading

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