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Lords debates social justice – speech by Bishop of Truro

Originally posted on The Church of England in Parliament:
“I worry enormously that in our society we fall too easily into a tendency to demonise and victimise and fall between us and them… I suggest that there is clear evidence…

Why we should close the gap between rich and poor, in seven pictures (and two cats)

Today (16 October 2014) is Blog Action Day. Thousands of bloggers around the world are talking about inequality. Here’s our contribution: a collection of pictures, which explain why we need to Close the Gap between rich and poor in the UK. 1 … Continue reading

What does a Good Society mean to Greenbelters?

At this year’s Greenbelt festival, we asked festival-goers to share their visions of the Good Society. Here’s what they shared with us. (We’ve separated the responses into broad themes.) Equality A good society copes positively with newcomers who are not rich. … Continue reading

Shifting the benefit debate

Myths and distortions about our benefits system have now become so widely accepted that they have poisoned the entire debate about our social safety net. In this guest post, Simon Duffy of the Centre for Welfare Reform explores how we could reframe … Continue reading

‘Squeezed’: how are poor people adjusting to life in a time of food price volatility?

Originally posted on Participation, Power and Social Change Research at IDS:
Naomi Hossain This blog also appeared today, 23rd May 2013, on Duncan Green’s blog ‘From Poverty to Power’. If the point of development is to make the Third World more…

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