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A Church for the poor? Letting go of power

Inspired by Pope Francis’ vision of “a poor church, for the poor”, Church Action on Poverty is exploring how churches can do more to stand in solidarity with people in poverty. We’ve invited many prominent Christians to share their thoughts … Continue reading

Nothing about us without us is for us

Church Action on Poverty is involved in setting up a Poverty Truth Commission in Salford – inspired by successful Commissions already running in Glasgow and Leeds. In this guest post, Andrew Grinnell, one of the facilitators of the Leeds Poverty Truth … Continue reading

Priorities for a Good Society

In January this year, churches and communities joined us in Shropshire to share with us their visions of a Good Society. Four themes emerged for action towards building a Good Society nationally – introduced here by our National Community Link … Continue reading

Helping journalists challenge stigma

“Obese sponger.” “Jobless mother.” “Benefits scroungers.” Just a few phrases found in national tabloids in the UK since March. The language is casual, repetitive – and harmful. Rachel Broady, Equality Officer for the National Union of Journalists’ Manchester and Salford branch, … Continue reading

Taxing times and Panamanian papers

The Panama Papers have caused quite a stir. A huge leak has lifted the lid on how the rich and powerful use tax havens to hide their wealth. The files were leaked from one of the world’s most secretive law … Continue reading

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